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US Finals National Champions - Youth 1
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111 Musket Drive
Winchester, VA 22602
(540) 532-0396
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Cheer Eruption® All-Stars was formed to bring quality athletic training to cheerleaders. Cheer Eruption's progressive coaching style stresses athletes first and winning second. This has produced a foundation for our success, which is apparent by claiming 24 national titles in the past 7 years and having 12 cheerleaders advance to the collegiate level. In addition, we have claimed the coveted NLCC's "Worlds Best" at Final Destination, National Champion at Battle of the Capitol and 8 Grand Champion titles.
CEA Gymnastics
Cheer Eruption's gymnastic programs are a wonderful way to introduce your child(ren) to the world of gymnastics, and to help them learn some basic skills that will benefit them physically, emotionally and socially. These programs will develop coordination, strength and agility while having FUN.
The Latest News
Cheer Eruption is a 12,000 sq. ft facility with two full floors, air conditioning and the best quality cheerleading and gymnastics equipment. Come see the facility at 111 Musket Drive Winchester, VA.
Our Mission
1. Create positive self-esteems. Everyone is WORTHY! A strong emphasis is placed on the development of character and personal integrity.

2. Sportsmanship is a way of life! You must live good sportsmanship to emulate sportsmanship at competitions.

3. Collegiate, athletic, age appropriate attire will be worn by
Cheer Eruption® athletes. Inappropriate clothing and make-up is exploitation of our children.
Cheer Eruption Fall Gymnastics registration has started. Please download the registration and the liability forms from here, or you can contact for details.

To accommodate the requests of the
Cheer Eruption families, we have increased our recreational and home school gymnastic classes. It is our goal to offer the classes you'd like to have on the Cheer Eruption schedule. We are growing to meet your needs!

Fall Gymnastics Registration and Liability Forms
Cheer Eruption is celebrating National Gymnastics Day, Saturday, September 19th, 2015! We are inviting everyone in the community to join us from 5-7:30pm to meet our staff, enjoy 30 minutes of Open Gym, and all participants (ages 3-18) will receive a pass for a FREE month of recreational gymnastic classes! Drop by and see what Cheer Eruption has to offer your child! Cheer Eruption where everyone has a FUN learning gymnastics, cheer, and tumble!
National Gymnastics Day